Show 255: Deeper Well, Saturday, April 15, 2017

Album * = Canadian content

MARTIN HARLEY & DANIEL KIMBRO – Dancing on the Rocks
Static in the Wires (17)
BUMPER JACKSONS – Corrina Corrina
I’ve Never Met a Stranger (17)
MERLIN SNIDER – Procrastination Blues
One Light Many Windows (17)

SAM OUTLAW – Look At You Now
Tenderheart (17)
* ABIGAIL LAPELL – Indigo Blue
Hide Nor Hair (17)
TAARKA – I Could Really Use You Now
Fading Mystery (17)

NORM WALKER – The Rabbit Died
Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts (11)
* JAYME STONE – Wait On the Rising Sun
Jayme Stone’s Folklife (17)
Apartments for Lovers (14)
RODNEY CROWELL – It Ain’t Over Yet
Closer Ties (17)

* TWIN PEAKS – Sand Dollars (I’m Goin’)
Trouble (15)
* THE DEAD SOUTH – Dead Man’s isle
Illusion & Doubt (16)
* ANDRE BRUNET – Passez au salon
La grosse maison rouge (17)

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One Response to Show 255: Deeper Well, Saturday, April 15, 2017

  1. Thank you for playing my song, Brenda. Yes, I am U.S, born (Joliet, Ill) living in California, but I always like to point out to my Canadian friends that my Dad was born in in East End, Saskatchewan. All four grandparents came from Ontario, CAN. G’day. -MS