“Fellow listeners, don’t despair! CJTR’s podcast round-up is here…air.”

– a terrible poet

ArtsWave (April 12)

Come on in, the waves are arty! Jeanne Alexander hosts this hour-long conversation with artists, makers and writers in Saskatchewan.

Bonus Round (April 12)

“To know us/ Is a bonus,” as they say. PS3, Wii, XBOX 360. News, reviews and opinions for your video game needs.

Game Day (April 17)

It’s not the same day, it’s a game day, go sports fans, uh huh. Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

Gender Talk (April 13)

Host Stephanie Cox brings you information and news for the gender-diverse community in Saskatchewan.

Just Drawn That Way (April 13)

Join Dustin B of the Infinity Watch as he talks all things comics and comics-related. Recent releases, weekly reviews and a look at what’s going on with comics in general. Essential, sequential and highly referential.

Knight Views (April 12)

Hosts Sherry Knight and Jim Aho discuss all aspects of employment and business. On this week’s episode, Zlatan Fazlagic from Hilberg & Burke discusses business growth. “Get down to work/ With Hilberg & Burke/ Walk a mile in others’ shoes/ With Sherry & Jim from Knight Views.”

Listen Up (April 4)

Current, human and public affairs interviews with your host Dave Morgan. In the first half, Dave talks with Todd MacPherson and Darwin Mott about Parkinson’s Disease. In the second half, Barb Byers from the Canadian Labour Council discusses the rise of the women’s movement in organized labour and related issues.

Of Dice and Men (April 9)

Welcome to your board game show! Featured game for this episode: El Grande.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (April 13)

In a locked sub-basement of City Hall, Paul Dechene and Aidan Morgan work tirelessly to answer the Big Questions: can two stranded bureaucrats make a comfortable pillow out of old printer paper? Can they coax enough moisture from the condensation on the boiler room pipes to survive for another week? And how do all these guests manage to find them? This week the hosts interview Tosa from CJTR’s African music show Wave 54, followed by Doug Normand from the Regina Lawn Bowling Association.

Radio Kids/RadioActive (March 26)

Radio Kids is a show powered by the ideas, musings, and imaginations of  kids, for kids and by kids.  It’s where you might first hear Regina’s next rising star performing, or find out about an interesting book or song, or travel through an audio documentary that you’ve always wondered about.

Rear-view Mirror (April 4)

Rear-view Mirror provides Regina and area residents with a greater understanding and appreciation for some of Regina’s rich history and notable people. Hosted by Amanda G. Bi-weekly, rebroadcasted in the alternating week. Amanda’s guest is Jason Hall, proprietor of Stone Hall Castle.

Sour Hour (March 16)

Welcome to the Sour Hour, a monthly program showcasing women and feminine-identified artists from a wide variety of disciplines. This month’s episode is co-hosted by Jaye Kovatch and Cat Abenstein. Guest is spoken word poet Erin Cotton.

The Prairie Naturalist (April 13)

In the latest episode, host Jared Clarke interviews Dale Wrubleski, research scientist with Ducks Unlimited Canada (not to be confused with Infinite Ducks Canada, an organization determined to convert the known universe to ducks). 

Toast and Coffee (April 17)

Local Regina events and information on non-profit agencies, charities and various other people and groups who add to the social fabric of our great city.

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