What’s that? The corral is empty? Well then, let’s have ourselves a round-up.

Bonus Round (May 31)

PS3, Wii, XBOX 360. News, reviews and opinions for your video game needs.

Game Day (June 5)

Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

Gender Talk (June 2)

Host Stephanie Cox brings you information and news for the gender-diverse community in Saskatchewan.

Just Drawn That Way (June 1)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today. In this episode, Dustin and guest co-host Aidan Morgan talk about Rivera and Quinones’ comic about America Chavez.

Knight Views (May 31)

Hosts Sherry Knight (disclaimer: not an actual knight) and Jim Aho discuss all aspects of business and employment. In this episode, Sherry and Jim talk with Dallas Turner, CEO of McDougall Auctioneers Inc., about the changing face of auctioneering.

Of Dice and Men (June 4)

Let’s all settle Catan with Chad and Ryan.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (June 1)

“Let’s improve things!” someone said in the darkness, and lo, the Queen City Improvement Bureau was authorized. In this episode: no gods, no masters. Just Paul and Aidan ranting about vaping.

Radio Kids/Radioactive (March 26)

Radio Kids is a show powered by the ideas, musings, and imaginations of  kids, for kids and by kids.  It’s where you might first hear Regina’s next rising star performing, or find out about an interesting book or song, or travel through an audio documentary that you’ve always wondered about.

Rear-view Mirror (May 30)

Rear-view Mirror provides Regina and area residents with a greater understanding and appreciation for some of Regina’s rich history and notable people. Hosted by Amanda G.

Sour Hour (May 19)

Welcome to the Sour Hour, a monthly program showcasing women and feminine-identified artists from a wide variety of disciplines. Co-hosts Jaye Kovatch, Shayna Stock and Cat Abenstein juggle music, poetry and conversation.

Prairie Naturalist (May 18)

Some people say that Jared Clarke knows the secret language of the birds (to be fair, it’s just birdsong). On this episode, Jared talks with Dr. Cory Sheffield and Sarah Schafer from the Royal Sask Museum,  as well as Stu MacKenzie from the Long Point Bird Observatory. The Mountain Unnaturalist does not appear.

Toast and Coffee (June 5)

Host Jeanne Alexander covers local Regina events and information on non-profit agencies, charities and various other people and groups who add to the social fabric of our great city.

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