The Round-Up: CJTR’s Latest And Greatest Podcasts (March 1-10, 2018)

It’s time again for the weekly podcast round-up.

Spoiler Alert (August 7)

Hosts Geremy, Sonia and Sean talk about comic book movies and interview guest Matt Ripplinger about the Living Skies Student Film Festival.

Knight Views (August 7)

Hosts Sherry Knight (disclaimer: not an actual knight) and Jim Aho discuss all aspects of business and employment. This week: Jim moves to the guest chair to discuss the maturing workforce and keeping yourself busy after retirement.

Chinese Connection (March 7)

The Chinese Connection: seeking happiness, purpose and peace, one story at a time.

Game Day (March 5)

Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

The Road (Feb 26)

Kent Rocks brings in Danny and Nate from the Dead South to discuss the music, clothes and technology that has propelled the band to fame.

The Prairie Naturalist (March 1)

Despite studies suggesting that prairies are unnatural, Jared Clarke, aka The Prairie Naturalist, is determined to prove the naysayers wrong. This week he is letting us know about the various invasive species invading out ecosystems and the spread of chronic wasting disease.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (March 1)

“Let’s improve things!” someone said in the darkness, and lo, the Queen City Improvement Bureau was authorized. In this episode: city council stuff, city council stuff and….city council stuff.

Just Drawn That Way (March 1)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today. In this episode, Dustin and guest Aidan talk about the new Legend of Korra comic, Part 2.

Indigenous Vibes (March 2)

Focusing on Indigenous Peoples Positive Perspectives, Elvie Stonechild welcomes Wanda & Lorn Rockthunder to discuss relationships.

Gender Talk (March 2)

Host Stephanie Cox brings you information and news for the gender-diverse community in Saskatchewan.

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