The Round-Up: CJTR’s Latest And Greatest Podcasts (April 29 – May 5, 2018)

It’s time again for the weekly podcast round-up.

Chinese Connection (May 2)

The Chinese Connection: seeking happiness, purpose and peace, one story at a time.

Game Day (April 30)

Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

Indigenous Vibes (May 4)

Focusing on Indigenous Peoples Positive Perspectives, Elvie Stonechild discusses all things Indigenous.

Just Drawn That Way (May 3)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today.

Knight Views (May 2)

Jim Aho invites John Maczko, the president and chief pilot of the Canadian Rescue Hovercraft Pilots Association, into the studio.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (May 3)

In compliance with memo EX10-63 the guys have things and holes in the ground.

Spoiler Alert (May 2)

Geremy, Sonia and Sean talk about the biggest problem in Hollywood today: remakes.

The Comedy Grind (May 2)

Shawn, Jon and David brings you comedy, current events, observations & rants about everything and nothing.

The Prairie Naturalist (May 3)

Host Jared Clarke discusses all things nature with guests that may or may not be animals.

Toast and Coffee (April 30)

Local Regina events and information on non-profit agencies, charities and various other people and groups who add to the social fabric of our great city.

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