Show 850: Borderlines Playlist, July 22, 2018

Kevin Deal – Lonesome Whistle, The Lawless

Michael Brennen – Not Myself, Anywhere But Here

Matt Masters – On the Trail, Don Coyote

Caroline Herrin – Mortified, Wellspring

Shannon Lyon – Bound, Someday Mourning

Wayne Hancock – Throwin’ Away my Money, Viper of Melody

Wylie & The Wild West – Yodeling Cowhand, Live! At the Tractor

The Magnificent Sevens – Red River Beaver Fever Rag, All Kinds of Mean

Scott Nolan – Twister, Silverhill

Robyn Ludwick – Love You For It, This Tall to Ride

Ray Bonnevill – Crow John, Goin’ by Feel

Steve Earle – Telephone Road, El Corazon

The Blue Shadows – The Embers , On the Floor of Heaven

Cyndi Boste – I’m Alright, Foothills Dandy

Shake Russell – Travelin’ Texas, Deep in the West

Demolition String Band – Boonanza, Different Kinds of Love

Fred J. Eaglesmith – Last Six Dollars, Indiana Road

The Derailers – Love’s Gonna Live Here, Under the Influence of Buck

The Rizdales – I Could Tell You Lies, Bar & Lounge

Phil Lee – Les Debris Ils Sont Blanc, The Mighty King of Love

Chuck Hawthorne – Welding Son of a Gun, Silverline

Fayssoux McLea – I Know It’s Over, Early

Oh Susanna – Pueblo, Johnstown

Joe Maphis – Fire on the Strings, Fire on the Strings

The Louvin Brothers – Knoxville Girl, Tragic Songs of Life

Spencer Burton – Death of Gold, Don’t Let the World See Your Love

Dave Alvin – Kern River, West of the West

Albert & Gage – Dakota Lullaby, Dakota Lullaby

Steve Ketchen & The Kensington Hillbillys – Tall Tall Pines, Steve Ketchen & The Kensington Hillbillys

The Black Lillies – 40 Days, Hard to Please

Patty Booker – I Don’t Need All That, I Don’t Need All That

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