The Round-Up: CJTR’s Latest And Greatest Podcasts (Sept 16-22)

It’s time again for the weekly podcast round-up.

Chinese Connection (Sept 19)

The Chinese Connection: seeking happiness, purpose and peace, one story at a time.

Game Day (Sept 17)

Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

Just Drawn That Way (Sept 20)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today.

Knight Views (Sept 19)

Host Barb McGrath welcomes Jordan Farlane of the Conexus Incubator to discuss what’s happening with the project.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (Sept 20)

In compliance with memo EX10-63, Aiden and Paul welcome Jacinthe Capados and Jon Tewksbury into the sub-basement.

Spoiler Alert (Sept 19)

Geremy, Sonia and Sean are looking at the depictions of counselling in movies and how that makes them feel.

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