The Round-Up: CJTR’s Latest And Greatest Podcasts (Dec 23 – 29)

It’s time again for the weekly podcast round-up.

Game Day (Dec 24)

Sports roundtable discussion show with lots of Rider talk, CFL, NFL, NHL, WHL and local sports.

Just Drawn That Way (Dec 27)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (Dec 27)

In compliance with memo EX10-63, Aiden and Paul, improve the city and wonder if they can ever get a day off from it.

Spoiler Alert (Dec 26)

Sonia and Sean are leaving the holidays behind to talk about education movies with two special guests.

The Prairie Naturalist (Dec 27)

Host Jared Clarke brings us up to date on everything happening in Saskatchewan’s natural habitats.


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