The Round-Up: CJTR’s Latest And Greatest Podcasts (Dec 9-15)


It’s time again for the weekly podcast round-up.

The Air Chatter Podcast

The Pilot and The Navigator bring you the best of their Thursday night interviews all in one convenient location. Flight 2 has Unfazed, The Hourhand and Dear Rouge aboard!

Chinese Connection (Dec 12)

The Chinese Connection: seeking happiness, purpose and peace, one story at a time.

Dot Radio (Dec 13)

Bringing you up to date with the latest comings and goings in the technological world.

Indigenous Vibes (Dec 14)

Focusing on Indigenous peoples positive perspectives, Elvie Stonechild keeps you up to date with everything happening in the Indigenous community.

Just Drawn That Way (Dec 13)

Dustin B turns the hands on the Infinity Watch as he discusses comic news and looks at the state of comics today.

Knight Views (Dec 12)

Host Barb McGrath has Paul Burch from Echo Lotto to show how to earn more revenue with technology.

On The Bench (Dec 11)

Sherry Lee keeps your spiritual, physical and emotional wellness as healthy as can be.

Poverty Matters (Dec 11)

Nairn McKay hosts a show focused on the issues related to poverty.

Queen City Improvement Bureau (Dec 13)

In compliance with memo EX10-63, Aiden and psuedo-Paul who calls himself weird comic book guy Dustin try to keep it professional.

Spoiler Alert (Dec 12)

Sonia and Sean are chatting about Hanukkah movies.

The Comedy Grind (Dec 12)

Shawn, Jon and David brings you comedy, current events, observations & rants about everything and nothing.

The Prairie Naturalist (Dec 13)

Host Jared Clarke brings us up to date on everything happening in Saskatchewan’s natural habitats.


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