Show 879: Borderlines Playlist, February 10, 2019

James McMurtry & The Heartless Bastards – Saint Mary of the Woods, Live in Aught-Three

Grievous Angels – The Ballad of Red Dan, Watershed

Jaxon Haldane – Montreal, Down in Oklahoma

Alvin Crow – Beautiful Texas Sunshine, To Sir Doug with Love Volume 2

Lynne Hanson – I Won’t Ask Why, Things I Miss

Uncle Walt’s Band – Bluebird, An American in Texas Revisited

Amber Digby – She’s Already Won Your Heart, The World You’re Living in

Courtney Patton – Red Bandana Blue (Kent’s Song), What It’s Like to Fly Alone

The Rusty Augers – George the Government Employee, Inaugeration

Todd Snider – Nashville, East Nashville Skyline

Daniel Romano – Hard on You, Sleep Beneath the Willow

The Rizdales – I Could Tell You Lies, Radio Country

Chip Taylor – I Don’t Believe All That, Unglorious Hallelujah

Jamie Lin Wilson – Whisper on my Skin, Holidays and Wedding Rings

Steve Relf – Last of the Granaries, Spirits Malfunction

Croy & The Boys – Till Next Time, Croy & The Boys

Oh Susanna – Long Black Train, Soon the Birds

Gurf Morlix – Diamonds to Dust, Diamonds to Dust

Ray Bonneville – Riverside Drive, At King Electric

Luke Power – A Million Ways to Die, Texasee

Buck Owens – Under Your Spell Again, The Very Best of Buck Owens

Corin Raymond – Better Him Than Me, There Will Always Be a Small Time

Sara Storer – A Cowboy’s Song, Chasing Buffalo

Jim Clements – Four Leaf Clover, The Road to Anhedonia

Gary P. Nunn – Something Monumental, Under My Hat

Sally Spring – Mentone, Alabama, Made of Stars

Chuck Hawthorne – Welding Son of a Gun, Silverline

Rod Picott – Welding Burns, Welding Burns

Sam Baker – Mennonite, Cotton

Rick Shea & The Losin’ End – Goodbye Alberta, The Town Where I Live

Shaver – Live Forever, Tramp on Your Street

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