Show 895: Borderlines Playlist, June 2, 2019

Steve Young – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right, Solo/Live

Christine Graves – Summerlea, Stray

The Great Western Orchestra – Buffalo Ground, Buffalo Ground

Bill Chambers with Kasey Chambers – Deckhand’s Daughter, Drifting South

Scott, Gerald & Len Delhunty – Baby, That’s Cold, Home to You

Kevin Deal – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, The Long Road Home

Guy Clark – Homegrown Tomatoes, Keepers

Florence Dore – Wintertown, Perfect City

Rodney Decroo – Minotaur, Queen Mary Trash

The Show and Tellers – Carolina Sunshine Girl, The Show and Tellers

The Cruzeros – Going There With Grace, El NiƱo

Angela Desveaux – Make Up your Mind, Wandering Eyes

James Hand – Don’t Tell Me That, Live at the Saxon Pub

Roy Orbison – Running Scared, Black and White Night

Oh Susanna – Long Black Train, Soon The Birds

Hank Williams – I Can’t Get You Off of My Mind, The Garden Spot Programs, 1950

Joe Fournier & The Badass Fajitas – Movin’ On Again, Joe Fournier & The Badass Fajitas

Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers – The Last Bus, Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers

Matt Patershuk – Blank Pages and Lost Wages, Same As I Ever Have Been

John Lilly – Good News, Bad News, Last Chance to Dance

Gurf Morlix – Madalyn’s Bones, Diamonds to Dust

Libby Koch – Out of My Misery, Just Move On

David Halley – Rain Just Falls, Stray Dog Talk

Lori Yates – Nobody Loves Me, The Book of Minerva

Reeb Willms & Caleb Klauder – Sinking in the Lonesome Sea, Oh Do You Remember

Jeremy Steding – Arkansas Rain, My Own American Dream

Jim Stringer & The AM Band – Write About Stars, Triskadekaphilia

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