Happy International Women's Day! Meet The Hosts

Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018 at 9:03 am

This International Women’s Day we would like to thank and highlight the women, non-binary and femme folk involved with our station, on the air and behind the scenes, currently and historically, for sharing their talent, time and voices while representing their communities and passions.

Please enjoy this list CJTR’s women-involved programs!

Sunny Adams, host of Dodecahedron (Wednesday 9-10pm)

I host DODECAHEDRON because music is the life blood. Otherwise I would wilt & perish.

Oluseyi Akanwale, co-host of Wave 54 (Sunday 8-9pm)

It’s a pleasure to be a host on CJTR radio. I just love connecting with people and interacting on the radio playing new music and discussing interesting topics.

Blessing Alasan, co-host of Rhythm & Gist (Sunday 7:30-8pm)

My name is Blessing Alasan from Nigeria, grew up in Abuja the federal capital territory. Came to Canada in 2015 to study to at the University of Regina only to discover there wasn’t a student radio or show on any radio station in Saskatchewan. My personality, love and passion for music, film and entertainment drove me into becoming a radio host. Thanks to CJTR for giving me the avenue to find my voice on radio. My show “Rhythm & Gist” airs every Sunday 7.30pm-8pm talks about relationships, interviews with fast rising artist who don’t have the opportunity to get their songs played on commercial radios be heard on my show. My playlist is always very diverse as long as the music is good then it’s definitely getting played on my show. I have the best co-host anyone can ever ask for “Stirling Rempel” he is such a sweetheart, an amazing fellow with a wonderful persona. Instagram: @mhiz_alasan

Jeanne Alexander, host of Toast & Coffee (Monday 11am-12pm, rebroadcast Thursday 12pm-1pm)

As host and programmer of Toast and Coffee for the past 16 years, it has been my privilege to speak with people from all walks of life whose passion it is to enhance the lives of others by creating and maintaining programs, facilities and ideologies which meet the needs of our society.   Toast and Coffee affords the opportunity for these people and their organizations to be feted and to make the public aware of the work being done for the betterment of us all.  Saskatchewan is built upon volunteerism and is through the medium of radio that we continue to celebrate, learn and participate in the unique culture of our province.  Communication via radio still has an element of magic amidst our everyday lives.

Naeila AlShatir, host of Al Hawa Araby (Sunday 11am-12pm)

"I focus on life […] I choose my songs from many countries — from Iraq, from Syria, from Lebanon, from Egypt — to engage many people to listen to my radio […] I choose the news which is optimistic. ... We [don't] avoid everything, but I focus on things which gives them resources.“  - excerpted from this CBC article: LINK

Jo Bates, host of Daebak (Friday 9-11pm)

I fell in love with radio while working at the station. While training people to use the board I found myself looking forward to the training session just so that I could be on air and play the music I love. I listened to kpop for a number of years and never found anyone else who was into that time of music. Now with my show I have been able to connect with those that enjoy the same music and we have been able to share band favorite and I've been able to expand my library of music. It's also a lot of fun introducing people to a genre of music they may never have heard before. 😊

Kelly Cairns, host of Biscuits & Gravy (Thursday morning 7-9am)

I like exposing radio listeners to new releases and female performances. My show Biscuits and Gravy gives me that opportunity.  

Helen Chang, host of Chinese Connection (Wednesday 10-11am, rebroadcast Tuesday from 12pm-1pm)

Milly Contreras and Paulette Dey, hosts of The Jubilee Gospel Show (Saturday 8-9am)

Stephanie Cox, host of Gender Talk (Friday 11am-12pm)

Stephanie is the host of Gender Talk, the voice and source for everything related to gender diversity in Saskatchewan.

Zahra Darzi, co-host of Navaye Ashena (Sunday 5-6pm)

My name is Zahra Darzi, I am a mother, advocate for social justice and nature, senior electronic engineer, yogi, and proud Persian Canadian. I was so excited to help promote CJTR Community Radio and be involved as a host from the start. On March 7th of 2003, I started a Persian show and have been proudly broadcasting with my wonderful co-hosts Afshin and Sami every Sunday for 15 years. I named our Persian show Navaye Ashena (meaning “Familiar Voice” in Farsi) and now this show has so many listeners both locally and globally. The purpose of having a Persian Music-Talk show is to introduce the ancient Persian music to Canadians as well as to provide the local Persian community with entertainment. Persian classical music is a very ancient form of traditional music, very meditative and evolving from classical Persian art. Persian pop and folk music have a dance tradition and story-telling with exciting rhythms and beats. The theme of my show is live with mindfulness, be happy, be connected, and be unified to the rest of universe as a human being and only believe and breath in One Love for the universe. Tune into Navaye Ashsena and enjoy the beautiful Persian program and live with passion. Happy International Women’s Day!

Amanda Girardin, host of Rear-view Mirror (Tuesday 6-6:30pm, rebroadcast Thursday 11:30am-12pm)

I’m honoured to be part of the CJTR Radio Community and be among other spectacular female show hosts! CJTR’s commitment to diversity in radio programming and host is part of why I signed up as a show host. It’s so important to have female voices on the radio, discussing interesting and diverse topics that affect our community. I’m proud to bring Regina’s history and heritage to the airwaves through my show, Rearview Mirror.

Laila Hirani, co-host of Mehfil (Saturday 2-3pm)

Laila co-hosts this show featuring IndoPak music and news!

Jenelle Jakobsen and Melanie Metcalf, hosts of Morning Scramble (Tuesday 7-9am)

Sherry Knight, co-host of Knight Views (Wednesday 12-12:30pm, rebroadcast Thursday 10:30-11am)

Knight Views on CJTR materialized because several people approached me and suggested a radio show. I applied and after some discussion we settled on a show interviewing titans of business and organizations here in Regina. It is a thrill to learn more about business leaders and why and how they got started and what they can share with listeners to help them make their organization a better and stronger place here in the city.

It is fun and a learning experience even for me. There are always ideas that come up which show a new path that is happening locally and throughout the country. It is great to have such knowledgeable staff as well – when I mess up with the technology there is always someone to assist me – and that is such a blessing as technology is not my forte.

With my background in human resources it is always valuable, from my perspective, to examine the people side of things – after all, it is the people side of things that keeps business moving forward.

Ginger Merk, co-host of Muzyka Ukraine (Wednesday 3-4pm)

I was approached about two years ago to host Muzyka Ukraine on Wednesday at three by two amazing friends who were already hosting the show but were wanting to have fewer shifts. I'm always looking for new ways to challange myself, meet new people and have adventures!  Without hesitation I signed up.  My first show I thought I was going to throw up,  lol I'm not kidding! It has been so worth it!  I love it. Muzyka Ukraine is an excellent program that educates, informs and entertains our community and gives great comfort to all our new comers from Ukraine. Everyone at CJTR has been so supportive and encouraging!! I have had so much fun with my show along with hosting other events in our community. I totally believe in challenging oneself along with learning something new as often as you can! Deyakou! Thank you CJTR!

Kayah Pilon, Marina, and Ada co-hosts of RadioKids (Sunday 7-7:30pm, rebroadcast Wednesday 11:30am-12pm)

 Kayah is 9 ½ years old and in grade 4 at Elsie Mironuck School:

Marina, 11 years old:

I love being a part of Radio Kids! It's fun to talk about stuff kids like (I especially like talking about my dog!), and I enjoy sharing tips and ideas about all things related to us kids!!

Ada, 11 years old:

I like hosting a radio show because it's fun and It's something I like to do with my friends. Sometimes we do book club episodes where we talk about books we like and in others we talk about sciences we're curious about. I think it's really interesting talking about sciences and I think it's really funny hearing about this stuff coming from two 11 year old kids.

Sonia Stanger, co-host of SPOILER ALERT (Wednesday 6-7pm, rebroadcast Friday 9-10am)

I wanted to host a show because it's exciting to be part of a diverse community of voices. Initially I was hesitant about hosting because I didn't feel like enough of an authority. Doing the show despite that hesitation is a way to remind myself, and hopefully others, that we too often underestimate young women, the strength of our voices, and the things we have to say. On top of feeling empowering, the show is also a genuinely fun and playful creative outlet (and a valuable opportunity to make dumb jokes on the radio). Spending time with two lovely pals every week isn't so bad, either!

Elvie Stonechild, host of Indigenous Vibes (Friday 12pm-1pm)

The reason why I am hosting Indigenous Vibes, is I felt the need to share Indigenous Peoples Positive Perspective & Stories. Where we are sending out Positive Vibes out into the world!

Through sharing our stories, I hope the listener can we learn for my guest and learn how to make positive changes in one’s own lives. I have created "Indigenous Vibes ' as a teaching tool, teaching our culture, spiritual walk, values, ethics and traditions. In hopes to create change in ourselves, family, friends and community. I see the breakdown in our community and were we need help to encourage one another and to support one another. Through Indigenous Vibes radio program is my way to bridge the gap between different cultures and be able to bring reconciliation in a positive manner and to move forward in a good way. It is my way to send out positive stories, positive indigenous role models, positive teaching and hope throughout Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, North America and the world.

Brenda Tacik, host of Deeper Well (Saturday 10am-11am)

I host Deeper Well (and from 2002-2011 Regina's Mighty Shores). My aim is to preserve a space for contemporary--mostly stringband--folk music on the airwaves. This form of music speaks consistently and eloquently for social justice and also values its women performers and composers of all ages. I try to play at least 50% of tracks by women on each show. I am delighted and grateful to have the opportunity to exercise my hobby/obsession at CJTR, with its spectacular technical and human resources, and to have developed my leadership skills as a member of the Radius Communications board of directors, including two years as president. 

Ms. Vicious, host of A Hot Mess (Saturday 10pm-12am)

My friend, Tana, and I started A Hot Mess in 2010 with the goal of playing music we love, that normally doesn't get (enough) radio play in Regina (e.g. alternative bands with female members, since we're celebrating International Women's Day). We also got to hang out and do something besides work and school! Tana was called A Hot Mess by someone and, while trying to choose a name for our show, we figured this fit, as we like a variety of music and were not experienced programmers by any means (there were many "technical difficulties" that were not at all related to technology). Tana moved and I continued with the occasional guest to keep things hot and messy in her name. I learn a lot about friends/guests and myself through music. Community radio helps me keep in touch with music and my community despite a chaotic life. I hope it inspires other women to do what they love, express themselves, and get involved with their community!

Brenda Valiaho, host of The Spirit Mix (Saturday 9-10am)

My weekly program reflects my need to understand human nature and the strength of Spirit – both human spirit and the spirit of all life. We have ups, downs and turns arounds in life and, music – truly, all of the arts uplift us, motivate us and console us in times of need. I enjoy looking for the music that supports a weekly theme – usually the theme is something that has me questioning and reflecting on something that has struck me as very interesting – from the everyday to the unique. I like to create the script that shares the music, tells some stories, and encourages hope – no matter what is happening in the world or in one’s life. Finding new music is inspiring, supporting local artists is enriching, and bringing out those old songs is strengthening. And, that I get to share that with listeners in the community – not only in Regina – the wider community of all people – is so humbling. Creating this show each week takes time yet doing this work stretches me and keeps me engaged in the life around me. Operating the equipment and being the conductor of the show gives me strength, too. I appreciate learning from other programmers and listening to many of the shows on this radio station. I am grateful to be a volunteer programmer with 91.3 fm CJTR Regina Community.

Dalia Zarraga, co-host of Rincon Latino (Sunday 12pm-1pm)

Radio is for me a means of communication par excellence; the one that gives quick response, the one that creates climates, the one that allows dreaming, the one that accompanies. I love that. I like to entertain, educate and provide information.

Plain A.I.R. our monthly artist-in-residence program. The program airs Saturday afternoons from 3-4pm between January and June and September and December. Here is a list of the months featuring women and gender non-conforming folk:

Amanda Scandrett (March 2018), LOA (February 2018), Kristina Hedlund (April 2017), Ashley Stone (October 2017), Eden Rohatensky (April 2016), Jessie Etheir (March 2016), Amber PB (Janaury 2016).