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DAY 1 – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 - 7am to 1am

  • Wake and Break – (7-9am) RADIOTHON 2018 Kick Off Show! Host Ben Valiaho plays fun and funky jams while welcoming an array of surprise guests!
  • Gender Talk (11am-12pm): Gender Talk is the voice and source for everything related to gender diversity in Saskatchewan. Host Stephanie interviews Thirza Cuthand and Raven Davis, artists featured in VISUAL Q: resistance, defiance, protest, action (Performatorium Festival of Queer Performance 6 + Queer City Cinema Film Festival 15 + Queer City Cinema Film Festival 15)
  • Urban Rhapsody (1-3pm): Urban music with some diversions into other genres: R&B, pop, hip-hop, reggae. Theme of the day: “Turtle Power”!
  • The Monkey’s Paw (3-4pm): Staff and volunteer run volunteer-training show! Nairn McKay is a rookie who will practice her chops for you.
  • Boss Radio! (4-6pm): A rapid-fire, music-heavy program that recalls the glory years of AM radio, as The Conductor In Black presents the greatest Rock, Pop, R&B and Soul from the fifties through seventies on a glorious, two hour "Friday ride to freedom".
  • Pickin’ It Country (6-8pm): Reg Wilke produces and hosts an hour-long interview / feature program spotlighting local, national and international country artists.
  • All-Day Breakfast (7-9pm): Hosts (and brothers) Eric Hill and Ryan Hill play an eclectic mix of electronic, hip hop, pop, space and folk.
  • Daebak (9-11pm): Regina's only K-pop program hosted by Jo! Today she presents ‘The Evolution of K-Pop.’
  • The Dishpit (11pm-1am): Punk music with Captain Anarchy! This week is a special two hour show called "Gallows in the Galley." Gruesome gruel given greedy gluttons. A powerhouse of macabre punk rock served up cold and grey. With special return guests Scruff and Bubblegum. (my kids, they say the darnest things). Gruesome Ghoulies, Matadors, Misfits, Nekromantix, Tommy and the Terrors, SNFU, Beetlejuice Soundtrack, and more. Psychobilly, rockabilly, old school, pure punk rock radio!

DAY 2 – SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 - 6am to 2am

  • It’s Time (6-8am): Catholic news and views both locally and around the world.
  • The Jubilee Gospel Show (8-9am): Hosted by Paulette Dey and Co-Hosted Milly Contreras, the weekly music lists consist of music by Canadians and International Christian Artists. Tune in for special guests!
  • The Spirit Mix Special (9-10am): Eclectic music with Brenda Valiaho. Brenda and special guest Ben Valiaho will pair up and present songs that are from and/or could be from the cartoon Adventure Time, which just completed its run of 8 years on TV.
  • Deeper Well (10-11am): Host Brenda Tacik plays excellent folk and roots based music. The shows them is “Short Folk Songs – 20 Short Songs – More Bang for Your Buck!”
  • The Retro Attic (11am-1pm):  Hits and deep cuts from the 70s! Host Jim Aho presents an “All-Canadian” show!
  • Bollywood Mehfil (1-2pm): Bollywood music and Hindi conversation for Regina’s Indian community with Laila and Aziz! "Aakashwani wale bachpan ke din" is the theme, which loosely translates to "childhood days filled with airwaves". From Laila: "When our parents were younger, Television was a luxury and much of the population back home relied on radio for their entertainment. On Thursday evenings, there would be a movie aired on Radio and people would gather around the radio to sit and listen to an entire movie on air! Infact, the local bazaar would close early because no one was interested in shopping that evening. Interestingly, radio was also a form of communication for our soldiers on the border who would dedicate songs to their wives and families through radio; a sign that they were safe. ( during India-Pakistan border wars)"
  • Pinoy Tambayan (2-3pm): Music and talk by and for the Regina Filipino community, hosted by Romeo!
  • Plain A.I.R. (3-4pm): Artist-in-residence, pop-up returning CJTR show “The Songwriter’s Loft”, hosted by British Bazz from The Rok Boutique.
  • The Capitol (4-6pm): Host Dane Imrie eats 120 tuna subs from Subway in 120 minutes (Sisqo plays in background). Or he’ll play the best songs of 2018 so far (and he’s taking suggestions!).
  • The Prairie Lily Special (6-8pm): Classic and historical country and related genres. The Prairie Lily Special presents "Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette: Songs About Smoking."
  • Orange Whip (8-10pm): Along with excellent music selections, host Jordan Rothwell offers “predications 4 pledges.”
  • A Hot Mess (10pm-12am): Hard rock, alternative, metal and more! Ms. Vicious plays covers and entertains a few guests.
  • Offstream (12am-2am): "Saturday Night Vinyl Party"!

DAY 3 – SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 - 5am to 10pm

  • Spotlight (5-6am): Host Ron Bocking mines his extensive library to feature underplayed, classic artists. This show focuses on George Fornby, the “Lancashire lad”, leaning on the lamppost.
  • New Times (7:30-9am): Christian conversation and music.
  • Square Hour (9-10am): Little heard, old-time music, selected by Ron Bocking.
  • Loak Virsa (10-11am): Music, conversation and information for Regina’s East Indian community.
  • Al Hawa Araby (11am-12pm): Music and conversation in Arabic hosted by Naeila Al Shatir.
  • Rincon Latino (12-1pm): A Spanish-language program featuring music and conversation.
  • World of Blues (1-3pm): Host Danny B explores blues from around the world! For Radiothon he spins tunes about money! $$$
  • Borderlines (3-5pm): Host Rick August plays an eclectic variety of country music.
  • Navaye Ashena (5-6pm): A Persian-language program featuring pop and traditional music from Iran!
  • Erica Show (6-7pm): Music from Eritrea and the Horn of Africa!
  • RadioKids (7-7:30pm): RadioKids have fun making radio for your ears.
  • Rhythm & Gist (7:30-8pm): Blessing and Stirling chat about student life and more!
  • WAVE 54 (9-10pm): A show dedicated to playing the freshest African music peppered with lively conversation!

DAY 4 – MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 - 7am to midnight

  • Jam n’ Juice (7-9am): Hosts Shawn Koch, Josh Fleming and Quinn-tern kick off the week with pop culture convo, tunes and laughs!
  • Mists of Thyme (10-11am): “Tops on the Telly” Stars of ‘tele-vaudeville’ spectaculars. Ray’s studio guest is Saskatchewan’s very own Queen of Song, Roberta Nichol, just returned from the UK! “From the Folk Fest to the Fringe. Recalling Buffalo Days, Pemmican Pearl and the award winning play, “Dewdney Avenue”
  • Toast & Coffee (11am-12pm): Jeanne Alexander interviews special guests of her weekly talk show. This week features the Government House and the Regina Senior Citizens’ Inclusion Centre.
  • Game Day (12-1pm): Hosts Shawn Koch, Sideshow and Luke the Diehard discuss and debate all things Roughriders and more.
  • Chart Breaker (1-3pm): Hosts “Chicken Shwarma” plays jams for the Top 30 and national charts and invites a few musical guests in for some extra pizzazz.
  • Striving for Independents (3-4pm): Jeff ‘Redbeard’ Corbett plays music by independent Canadian artists with a focus on Saskatchewan and Regina-based musicians.
  • Everything In Between (4-6pm): Host Curtis Scheschuk will play everything from “classical to hip-hop, jazz to Franco-Flemish school of polyphonic vocal music…and everything in between”!
  • The Road (6-7pm): A fresh country music show that focuses on ALT COUNTRY and occasionally expands to other SINGER/SONGWRITER styles. Tune in for a special covers show!
  • Polka Power (7-9pm): Brian Sklar hosts Regina’s only polka show!
  • Redbeard’s Blues (9-11pm):  Jeff ‘Redbeard’ Corbett plays the blues! Canadian Bacon show!
  • Music Buff (11pm-12am): Jeff ‘Redbeard’ Corbett plays little heard music from the 60s to the 80s! All Canadian show!

DAY 5 – TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 - 7am to midnight

  • Morning Scramble (7-9am): Hosts Jenelle and Mel spins sweet 90s jams and reflect on their 90s experiences.
  • Rock Mollusk (1-3pm): Progressive rock music show featuring long-running tracks. Host Derek Pho presents a Low-and-Slow-'athon.
  • The Redbeard Special – Remote Broadcast from Vintage Vinyl and Hemp Emporium (4-6pm): Jeff ‘Redbeard’ Corbett plays blues and lots more! For this show he hosts live on location at Vintage Vinyl with guest Jack Semple and Nate from The Dead South.
  • Rear-view Mirror (6-6:30pm): Tune in as hosts Amanda and Ashley chat about Regina history and play a game of trivia!
  • Poverty Matters (6:30-7pm): NEW SHOW ALERT! Nairn McKay hosts a brand new shows focused on the issues related to poverty.
  • The Rok Boutique (7-8pm): Hosts Kent Rocks and British Bazz play glam, rock, pop and punk and this week they focus on cover songs!
  • Sounds of the Inner City (8-9pm): Funk, jazz and more! Jeff Mertick’s theme is People-Powered Radio’ a show devoted to People: sand themes about people, humanity, communication, and community.
  • Serendipity (9-10pm): Indie pop and rock and all related genres (chillwave, dream pop, nu gaze) - hosted by Jordan Rachar! Tonight Jordan plays 90’s Canadian indie rock songs.
  • Synesthesia (10-11pm): Indie rock and beyond with host Devin Zerr! Devin plays an all-Indigenous music show.
  • Operation Manatee (11pm to 12am): Tonight Chris and Cory present “A banjo-pickin’ speshal.”

DAY 6 – WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 - 7am to midnight

  • Bean Water (7-9am): NEW SHOW ALERT – Join us for a brand new morning show on CJTR featuring DJ Soda, previously heard on Chart Breaker this past summer but now helming his own two hours program!
  • Chinese Connection (10-11am): For Radiothon, on the Chinese Connection, tune in for folk tales & mindfulness.
  • Knight Views (12-12:30pm): Hosts Sherry Knight and Barb McGrath interview industry captains and small business owners to discover their stories about successful business. This week they take to Mike Reddick about personalized transportation for seniors.
  • Scotland Calling (1-3pm): Scotland Calling: From Lowlands To Highlands-a magical mystery tour of Scottish scenic destinations in music and song. Special guests: Pipe Major Iain MacDonald of the City of Regina Pipe Band© and Mitch Dureault ‘the Celtic Fiddler’ with guest ‘folkalist’.
  • Muzyka Ukraine (3-4pm): Muzyka Ukraine focuses on the best of Ukrainian classics and pop. All Canadian edition!
  • The Bridge (4-6pm): Host Danny B plays songs about….money! $$$
  • Spoiler Alert (6-7pm): A show about movies with Geremy Sonia and Sean! Donate to hear your hosts’ guilty pleasures, and share some of yours!
  • My Electric (7-9pm): Experimental, electronic and ambient music selected by Ernie Dulanowsky. For this show he presents: Women Who Make Noise: electronic and ambient music created by women/non-binary folks.
  • Dodecahedron (9-10pm): Sunny selects from underground rock, pop, noise, experimental music with a focus on female inclusion.
  • Beyond and Back (10-11pm): New and classic indie/alt-rock, -country, -folk and punk music supplemented by semi to very-interesting anecdotes and news about the artists that make that music. This evening your host Ryan Ellis presents “Zoo tunes: A tuneful taxonomy of the animal kingdom (real and imagined!).”
  • The Comedy Grind 11pm-12am): Comedy, current events and more with Shawn and Jon + special guest comics in the house!

DAY 7 – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 - 7am to midnight

  • Biscuits & Gravy (7-9am): Ever wondered what some of your favourite Regina musicians sing along to when no one's looking? Host Kelly Cairns has interviewed a few of Regina's finest for the Radiothon edition of Biscuits and Gravy.
  • Dot Radio (12p-1pm): A show about technology with hosts Colin and Troy!
  • On The Air Story Emporium (1-3pm): Host Vincent Murphy’s eclectic program will feature live reports on the half hour by Sammy Sammich direct from Pinkie.
  • Aaj Ki Sham Nak Kay Naam (3-4pm): A Urdu-language program for the Pakistani community in Regina and beyond.
  • Alone Together (4-6pm): Host Trent Reschny plays homegrown jazz music and shares some chats.
  • The Prairie Naturalist (6-6:30pm): Host Jared Clarke shares his listeners’ nature stories!
  • Just Drawn That Way (6:30-7pm): Host Dustin B explores the origin of comics!
  • Queen City Improvement Bureau (7-8pm): Irreverent local affairs show with hosts Paul and Aidan. They present “The Rise and Fall of the Queen City Improvement Bureau.”
  • Matty V’s Nerdcore Cabaret (8-10pm): A two hour, live session of Dungeons and Dragons podcast! An evening of mirth, merriment, and goblin slaughter.
  • The Cockpit (10pm-12am): The Cockpit is a dogfight between brothers. Using songs instead of bullets, "Les Frères Pilon" guide you through the very best Canadian, international and local talent there is. For this show they play a “crazy amount of songs”, and have guests Sing the Body Electric live in studio.

DAY 8 – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 - 7am to 5pm

  • Wake and Break (7-9am): Ben Valiaho gets your morning started right with afrobeat, funk and more!
  • Gender Talk Radio (10am-12pm): Gender Talk is the voice and source for everything related to gender diversity in Saskatchewan.
  • Indigenous Vibes (12pm-1pm): Indigenous peoples’ positive stories within the community.  
  • Urban Rhapsody (1-3pm): R&B, hip-hop and more! Today’s theme: “Turtle Power!”
  • The Monkey’s Paw (3-4pm): Staff and volunteer run training show. Today the show features an interview with Saskatoon weird rockers The Faps!
  • Grand-Finale Friday Edition Of "Boss Radio" (4 to 6 pm): A rapid-fire, music-heavy program that recalls the glory years of AM radio, as The Conductor In Black presents the greatest Rock, Pop, R&B and Soul from the fifties through seventies on a glorious, two hour "Friday ride to freedom". Count on hearing forty hits (or more) during every two-hour edition of the radio show that DOES shrink time and distance.