About CJTR

We are Regina’s only community radio station. We are Regina’s voice. We provide diverse and unique programming created and delivered by citizens for this great city.

People-powered radio!

How To Listen


on the dial in the Regina area

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Online Streaming

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TV Channel 806

on the Sasktel Max System

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TV Channel 529

on the AccessNexTV IPTV service

Channel 700

on Access Digital Cable

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How does it work?

Radius Communications operates CJTR, which broadcasts on the FM band to the city of Regina, surrounding communities, and to the world online

CJTR is governed by leadership elected from the organization’s membership, which is open to all those who share its purpose. CJTR operates within federal broadcast regulations, providing information and entertainment, as well as an opportunity for community involvement and interaction.

Radius Communications is a registered non-profit corporation. CJTR is supported by its membership, by community and corporate donations, by program sponsorships, and through the sale of advertising.

What makes us great?

Our station does not duplicate existing radio programming; it is an alternative, expanding radio-listening options within the city. CJTR broadcasts in six different languages. We offer an eclectic, wide-ranging selection of music, as well as spoken word (talk radio) including public affairs, education, health, arts and other types of broadcast content relevant to the community. We focus on artists currently working outside the broadcast mainstream, with a specific emphasis on local and regional artists and events. We strive to maintain close links with the community, and between our volunteer programmers and their listening audience. We attempt to make community radio accessible to all individuals and groups who contribute to Regina’s cultural and community life. We offer a low-cost option for businesses and organizations to deliver their message to the community.

CJTR’s music programming offers an alternative to mainstream radio. Warm-blooded DJs select music according to their taste and expertise. Our programming is not governed by commercial interests. We have a variety of specialized music programs as well as open format programs that span many musical genres. DJs make their own musical selections. without the aid of the playlist, choosing from recordings sent to CJTR by artists and record companies around the world, as well as from their own private collections.

We’re People Powered Radio!

Our Mission

To give voice to the community through diverse and unique programming created and delivered by volunteers.

Our Vision

A unique, local voice for dynamic music, arts, culture and current affairs.

Our Values

In striving to achieve our mission we:

  • emphasize choice, distinctiveness and uniqueness

  • are open-minded and supportive of creativity in our community

  • involve the community in programming

  • aim for balance to serve our diverse community

  • produce high-quality content

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