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Why advertise with CJTR?

Who We Are

We are Regina’s ONLY community radio station.

We are Regina’s voice. We provide diverse and unique programming created and delivered by citizens for this great city.

We program an eclectic, wide-ranging selection of music, as well as spoken word performance, sports, public affairs, education, health and other types of broadcast content relevant to the community. We offer a unique opportunity for businesses, individuals and organizations to deliver their message to the community.

  • Online Traffic (per-month averages)

    8800+ website hits, 2200+ live-stream listeners, 420+ podcast downloads

  • App Downloads & Subscribers (total)

    5000+ app downloads, 1900+ TuneIn app subscribers

  • Social Media

    2400+ Facebook likes, 3500+ Twitter followers, 1500+ Instagram followers

  • FM Reach

    2000+ listeners per week in the Greater Regina Area

Our Listeners

Regina Community Radio boasts THE MOST passionate and locally focused audience in the Greater Regina Area. Our listeners are culturally diverse, educated, affluent, and sophisticated. They are fierce supporters of local businesses.

Many of our listeners keep their radios locked on CJTR or CBC radio stations. Regina Community Radio provides THE ONLY opportunity to advertise to this segment of radio listeners. CJTR offers a variety of dedicated programming to a large number of multicultural communities. We offer businesses THE BEST opportunity to target and reach new Canadians and distinct cultural groups in Regina over the radio.

Google Analytics – Online Listener Profiles

Top Four “Affinity Categories” (Interests, Passions, and Lifestyle Segments) of our Online Listeners:

  • Movie Lovers
  • Entertainment News Junkies
  • “Shutterbugs” (active social media image uploaders)
  • Music Lovers

Top Four “In-Market Segments” (actively searching for these products) of our Online Listeners:

  • Travel and Hotels – Accommodations
  • Dating Services
  • Concert and Music Festival Tickets
  • Travel – Trips to North America

Our Programming

Regina Community Radio offers a unique mix of spoken word, music, and multicultural programming. We offer programming in 8 different languages, and air 11 different radio shows focusing on distinct cultural groups. We provide advertising in any of the languages that our hosts speak.

We are able to work with your business to develop a focused and specific advertising campaign that will ensure that you are reaching your target demographic.

Examples of Programming on CJTR

  • Pinoy Myx
    • Music and information for the Regina Filipino Community
    • Programming in Tagalog language
    • Regina’s ONLY Filipino-focused radio program
  • Polka Power
    • The best polka music in the world and the history behind the songs
    • Hosted by Gus Yaschschyn
    • Regina’s ONLY polka radio program
  • Spoiler Alert
    • Talk radio program focusing on movie and TV reviews
    • Hosted by local film experts and aficionados
  • Indigenous Vibes
    • Indigenous peoples’ positive stories from within our community
    • Interviews with elders in indigenous languages
    • Hosted by Elvie Stonechild
  • Loak Virsa
    • Music, conversation, and information for Regina’s East Indian Community
    • Programming in Punjabi language
    • Regina’s ONLY East Indian focused radio program
  • Alone Together
    • Classic jazz music to make the Thursday afternoon drive home smooth and enjoyable
    • Hosted by Trent Reschny

Partner Testimonials

The Bushwakker has tried advertising in various media formats over our 27 years of business. Many have been quite expensive and have not accurately targeted our particular client demographic. Those approaches were more of a “shotgun” format where we were reaching more people but not necessarily the exact people we wanted to reach. With the diverse radio programming available on CJTR it is easier for advertisers to reach the target market they are after. Smaller businesses can also reach more people throughout Regina at a more affordable price. It is also a nice feeling to be supporting people who live and work in our community and whose programming celebrates the thoughts and talents of our citizens.

We advertise with Regina Community Radio because of the diverse programming and the diverse hosts. The hosts end up being patrons and sometimes artists here at the venue. Not only do we hear their voices on air, we see their faces in the crowds.

CJTR engages its audience in a really direct way. That is exactly the kind of connection we want organizations that we work with to have, especially when we’re looking at advertising.

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