CJTR is holding a virtual Bottle Drive!

How can you help?

  • Visit any SARCAN Drop and Go depot and input “CJTR” into the kiosk.
  • Then, input the number of bags and boxes you have to print off the labels.
  • Label your bags and boxes, put them through the chute and you’re done! It’s easy!


But it gets even easier! You can fill out this form and have one of CJTRs volunteers pick up your bottles for you! It’s an easy way to support Regina Community Radio.


Recycling Tips:

  • Remove caps from plastic bottles! SARCAN’s workers have to do this all day every day, and that’s not good for your wrists!
  • Crush your cans lengthwise, not top down
  • separate glass and put it in boxes, this is for the safety of SARCAN’s hard working staff

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