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The CJTR Holiday Cookbook 2020

Season’s Greetings: Happy Diwali, Shab-e Yalda, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, New Year’s, and more! The year 2020 has been a year like no other and we wish everyone a safe and peaceful winter ahead.

Since we are unable to safely gather with CJTR members this holiday season, we have created a free download of the first ever CJTR Holiday Cookbook! Available as a PDF those members can either print or view on their devices; this community project is both a COOKBOOK and a COLOURING BOOK.

Regina Community Radio hosts, staff, volunteers and board members contributed recipes and the digital book was designed by Jaecy Bells featuring drawings by Paul Dechene of the Queen City Improvement Bureau. This is a gift for our CJTR members who keep us “tuned in to the community”.

Members, you can find your link to the cookbook in ‘The Radius’ members-only newsletter that was sent on Dec 17, 2020!

2020 CJTR Membership Drive

With many businesses suffering during this COVID economy, CJTR’s valued business partners have been forced to reduce their advertising dollars. And while CJTR and its board have taken steps to tighten our belts, there is a very real possibility of community radio disappearing from the southern Saskatchewan landscape within the next few years.

Did you know that one of the best ways to support 91.3FM CJTR, Regina Community Radio during these tough times is to buy a CJTR membership?

Every new or renewed membership will receive a lawn/window sign showing your support of the station, plus lots of cool benefits tied to each membership level! Help us weather the storm and show/share/shout your support for people-powered radio!

Buy a membership on-line today to reap the benefits, get a lawn/window sign, and help secure CJTR’s future!

Be sure to post a photo of your sign on social media with the hashtag #CJTRsupporter

Lawn & Window Signs

CJTR will contact you shortly after your purchase to confirm whether you would like a lawn / window sign or not and to arrange contactless delivery.
Signs available while supplies last.

Lifetime Membership (retired program)

We honour and thank all those who hold a lifetime membership. Pre-existing lifetime membership members will be offered the One Year Membership benefits for the lifetime of the station.

CJTR One-Year Membership Benefits ($30)

  • Receive the quarterly digital Transmitter newsletter with exclusive station information
  • Receive voting rights at the Radius Communications Inc. Annual General Meeting.
  • Receive programmer bidding rights (i.e. the right to apply to become a volunteer radio host)

Enjoy discounts from the following local businesses:

CJTR Two-Year Membership Benefits ($50)

All the benefits of a One Year Membership and including the following additional benefits:

  • Exclusive early access to prize and ticket give-aways!

CJTR Three-Year Membership Benefits ($70)

All the benefits of a Two Year Membership and including the following additional benefits:

  • Invitations to exclusive communications workshops, lectures and station tours!

CJTR Five-Year Membership ($100)

All the benefits of a Three Year Membership and including the following additional benefits:

  • Free training for, and regular access to, CJTR’s podcast studio (after COVID restrictions are lifted)
  • Public acknowledgment in our ‘Radio Lifers’ on-air and website PSA (optional)

CJTR Membership Options

CJTR would like to thank our 5 Year Membership holders, including…

  • Ken Anderson
  • Melissa Biro
  • Carla Beck
  • Paula Bogdan
  • Nathan A. Breitenbach
  • Barb Byers
  • Community Radio Buff
  • Shawna DuBois
  • W. Michael & Lynn Fix
  • Gordie Gherasim
  • Wayne V Hanna
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Josh Kessler
  • Bob at Bobs Organic Market
  • Carla Harris
  • Ryan Hicks
  • Steve Jeske
  • Rick Martin
  • Risa Payant
  • Nathan
  • The Chicken People of Casa Maison
  • Ernie Dulanowsky
  • Winter Fedyk
  • The Leadbeaters
  • Regina Downtown Business Improvement District
  • Iain MacDonald
  • Murmano
  • Dani Sakundiak
  • Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild
  • Vernon Todd
  • Kathleen Wilson
  • Brenda Valiaho
  • Shanon Zachidniak
  • Gordon Zawislak
  • Nolan
  • James Kaylyn
  • Zahra Darzi

… and many others who shall remain nameless, as per their request. You know who you are.

Thanks for supporting the 2020 CJTR Membership Drive!