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Bestie Bowling Night

Feb 22, 2024/by Neil Adams

CJTR Open House Feb 19th

Feb 13, 2024/by Neil Adams

Radiothon 2023 update: We did it!

Nov 17, 2023/by Neil Adams

Radiothon is coming!

Sep 26, 2023/by Neil Adams

Common Weal Fundraiser: Worm Burner 2023 Charity golf Tournament

Aug 29, 2023/by Neil Adams

CJTR and Bill C18

Aug 11, 2023/by Neil Adams

CJTR Summer Sale!

Jul 26, 2023/by Neil Adams

Common Weal Community arts and CJTR Present: The Sweeper’s Cup

Feb 7, 2023/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (Feb 2023): Kevin Wesaquate: POETIK RADIO

Feb 3, 2023/by Neil Adams

Support CJTR lobbying efforts

Jan 19, 2023/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (Dec 2022): LJ Tyson: A Real Deadly Christmas

Dec 1, 2022/by Neil Adams

CJTR virtual bottle drive!

Apr 7, 2022/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (April 2022): The Radiant

Apr 5, 2022/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (March 2022): I AM IN IT: AIRWAVES with Greg Orrē

Mar 4, 2022/by Neil Adams

20th Anniversary of CJTR

Feb 22, 2022/by CJTR

Plain A.I.R. (February 2022): Nic Nibbs

Feb 4, 2022/by Neil Adams

Announcing new Plain A.I.R. partnership!

Dec 30, 2021/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (January 2022) COSMOS with Micah + Peace

Dec 30, 2021/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (December 2021): Flash Back FM

Dec 4, 2021/by Neil Adams

Plain A.I.R. (September 2021): The Unusual Music Exchange

Aug 20, 2021/by Neil Adams

CJTR is seeking a Summer Student

May 14, 2021/by Neil Adams

We’re hiring Sales Reps!

Apr 22, 2021/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (March 2021): People of the Sun

Mar 3, 2021/by Amber

We’re Hiring a Station Manager!

Feb 12, 2021/by Amber

Earshot Digital Distribution System

Feb 11, 2021/by Amber


Feb 3, 2021/by Amber


Jan 26, 2021/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (January 2021): Current Temperature by Hilarey Cowan

Jan 7, 2021/by Amber

Announcing the Winners of CJTR’s Volunteer Awards

Jan 6, 2021/by Amber

Volunteer Opportunities

Dec 22, 2020/by Amber


Dec 18, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (December): The Graveyard Tapes

Dec 3, 2020/by Amber

Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Artists Cover Saskatchewan Songs Vol. 3

Nov 6, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (November): The Garden

Nov 3, 2020/by Amber

Monthly Broadcast: Render Unto Caesar

Oct 30, 2020/by Amber

Donor Gifts Available Until November 3!

Oct 29, 2020/by Amber

Winners of the Radiothon 2020 Prize Packages

Oct 29, 2020/by Amber

CJTR Radio Host Anniversaries!

Oct 14, 2020/by Amber

We’re In The Newspaper!

Oct 13, 2020/by Amber

Announcing Radiothon 2020!

Oct 6, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (October): Regina Folk Festival Drive-In Concerts

Oct 2, 2020/by Amber

Welcome to our new Board of Directors!

Sep 22, 2020/by Amber

The 2019 / 2020 Annual Report

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

The 2020 Membership Drive Was A Smash Hit!

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (September): Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

Black To The Future

Aug 24, 2020/by Carter

Annual General Meeting (AGM) + Call For Board Members

Aug 15, 2020/by Carter

The 2020 Membership Drive was a success!

Aug 14, 2020/by Carter

URGENT: Community radio in Regina needs your support.

Jul 30, 2020/by Carter

Special Broadcast: Megan Nash’s Love Letter to Gateway

Jul 20, 2020/by Carter

Black to the Future

Jul 3, 2020/by Carter

The Sâkêwêwak Annual Storytellers Festival

Jun 4, 2020/by Carter

All Black Everything

Jun 3, 2020/by Carter

New Dance Horizons

May 8, 2020/by Carter

Thanks for everything, Josh! Hello Amber!

Apr 27, 2020/by Carter


Apr 23, 2020/by Carter

Michael Waterman

Apr 3, 2020/by Carter

NEW Children’s Programming

Mar 23, 2020/by Carter

Ellen Froese!

Mar 5, 2020/by Carter

2020 Look and Listen Lottery

Feb 21, 2020/by Carter

Podcasting and Radio 101 – Reading Week Youth Camp

Feb 4, 2020/by Carter

The Sâkêwêwak Annual Storytellers Festival

Feb 3, 2020/by Carter

Greta and Jonah’s ‘This Life’

Jan 3, 2020/by Carter

Irie Vybz!

Dec 16, 2019/by Carter

Theatre Saskatchewan

Dec 1, 2019/by Carter

Claws by Susan P.

Nov 28, 2019/by Carter

Pinoy Myx!

Nov 14, 2019/by Carter

Paradise Circus!

Nov 13, 2019/by Carter

Kyath Battie’s Cinematic Scores

Nov 3, 2019/by Carter

Mike Rollo’s: The Soundtrack to My Life

Oct 3, 2019/by Carter


Sep 19, 2019/by Carter

RADIOTHON: September 20-27, 2019

Sep 11, 2019/by Carter

Grind Central Records

Sep 3, 2019/by Carter

Pop-Up Program: Mister Neher’s Neighborhood

Jul 30, 2019/by Carter

Beth Curry

Jul 4, 2019/by Carter

SurroundSound Documentary Festival

Jul 2, 2019/by Carter

The Stoop!

Jun 3, 2019/by Carter

The Basement!

Jun 2, 2019/by Carter

Saskatchewan African Heritage Museum

Jun 1, 2019/by Carter


May 29, 2019/by Carter

CJTR’s Music Garage Sale (new location + date!)

May 15, 2019/by Carter

Lecture Series: Portraits in Radio

May 13, 2019/by Carter

Kris Alvarez

May 10, 2019/by Carter

2019 Look and Listen Lottery Winners!

May 3, 2019/by Carter

A Real Piece of…Art!

Apr 10, 2019/by Carter

Taylor Marshall

Apr 5, 2019/by Carter

Ribbon of Darkness

Mar 20, 2019/by Carter

The Sâkêwêwak Annual Storytellers Festival

Feb 1, 2019/by Carter

In Memory of Jen Eisler

Jan 21, 2019/by Carter

J.R.’s Gone Country

Jan 16, 2019/by Carter


Jan 7, 2019/by Carter

Girls Rock Regina

Jan 4, 2019/by Carter

Community Radio Show-And-Tell

Jan 3, 2019/by Carter


Nov 29, 2018/by Carter

Brady Frank

Oct 31, 2018/by Carter

Jon Neher

Oct 9, 2018/by Carter

The Songwriters Loft Returns

Sep 1, 2018/by Carter

Annette Nedilenka

May 31, 2018/by Carter

Marie-Véronique Bourque

May 4, 2018/by Carter

Ian Cameron

Apr 5, 2018/by Carter

Michael Dawson and Amanda Scandrett

Mar 2, 2018/by Carter

LOA and Revilla as Soup and Crackers

Jan 31, 2018/by Carter

Dale Mac

Jan 1, 2018/by Carter

Jeff Morton

Dec 1, 2017/by Carter

Around the World

Nov 1, 2017/by Carter

Ashley Stone

Oct 1, 2017/by Carter

Daegan Harper

Sep 1, 2017/by Carter

Kristina Hedlund

Mar 30, 2017/by Carter

Radius: A Documentary about Regina Community Radio

Mar 10, 2017/by Tyler

Curtis Scheschuk

Feb 2, 2017/by Carter

The Straight and Narrow by Blake Berglund

Jan 1, 2017/by Carter

Brain Damage with Carl Johnson

Aug 1, 2016/by Carter

Storyteller Mix Tape with Dustin B.

Aug 1, 2016/by Carter

Good Music with Nick Faye

Jul 1, 2016/by Carter

Les Rendezvous (Alain Clermont)

Jun 1, 2016/by Carter

Euphonia (Pulse width + Guidewire + Natural Sympathies)

May 1, 2016/by Carter

Gloom Room (Eden Rohatensky & James Whittingham)

Apr 1, 2016/by Carter

Royal Red Radio with Royal Red Brigade

Mar 1, 2016/by Carter

My Electric with Ernie Dulanowsky

Feb 1, 2016/by Carter

Soft Pawz with Amber PB and Jeff Meldrum

Jan 1, 2016/by Carter
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