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Plain A.I.R. (January 2021): Current Temperature by Hilarey Cowan

Jan 7, 2021/by Amber

Announcing the Winners of CJTR’s Volunteer Awards

Jan 6, 2021/by Amber

Volunteer Opportunities

Dec 22, 2020/by Amber


Dec 18, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (December): The Graveyard Tapes

Dec 3, 2020/by Amber

Got It Covered: Saskatchewan Artists Cover Saskatchewan Songs Vol. 3

Nov 6, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (November): The Garden

Nov 3, 2020/by Amber

Monthly Broadcast: Render Unto Caesar

Oct 30, 2020/by Amber

Donor Gifts Available Until November 3!

Oct 29, 2020/by Amber

Winners of the Radiothon 2020 Prize Packages

Oct 29, 2020/by Amber

CJTR Radio Host Anniversaries!

Oct 14, 2020/by Amber

We’re In The Newspaper!

Oct 13, 2020/by Amber

Announcing Radiothon 2020!

Oct 6, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (October): Regina Folk Festival Drive-In Concerts

Oct 2, 2020/by Amber

Welcome to our new Board of Directors!

Sep 22, 2020/by Amber

The 2019 / 2020 Annual Report

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

The 2020 Membership Drive Was A Smash Hit!

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

Plain A.I.R. (September): Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum

Sep 18, 2020/by Amber

Black To The Future

Aug 24, 2020/by Carter

Annual General Meeting (AGM) + Call For Board Members

Aug 15, 2020/by Carter

The 2020 Membership Drive was a success!

Aug 14, 2020/by Carter

URGENT: Community radio in Regina needs your support.

Jul 30, 2020/by Carter

Special Broadcast: Megan Nash’s Love Letter to Gateway

Jul 20, 2020/by Carter

Black to the Future

Jul 3, 2020/by Carter
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