CJTR’s Artist-In-Residence Program

Plain A.I.R. is an artist-in-residence program on 91.3FM CJTR, Regina’s community radio station. Each month the program features a different local artist, DJ, musician, band or community member as a guest host who programs a month’s worth of live, weekly radio shows.

Plain A.I.R. contextualizes air time as a creative space similar to a laboratory, studio or venue and encourages creative expression and experimentation.

The program dramatically increases community access to CJTR’s airwaves among local artists, musicians and community members. Plain A.I.R. also provides CJTR listeners with an opportunity to hear unique live performances, radio plays, conversations and to garner information about local culture from those who make it.

The program airs Saturday afternoons from 3pm to 4pm between January and July (Season 1) and September and December (Season 2).

Advertising will end in 


Season 2
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